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Listening Script Latihan 5 SPM SMK/MAK 2019 Erlangga

Listening Script Listening Transcript SPM Bahasa Inggris SMK MAK Erlangga Terbaru

Listening Script Latihan 5 SPM SMK/MAK 2019 Erlangga | Selamat datang di zooba.ID, kali ini mimin akan menghadirkan Listening Script Latihan 5 SPM SMK/MAK 2019 Erlangga. Buku SPM Erlangga ini banyak dipakai di sekolah-sekolah. Atas banyaknya permintaan, maka zooba.ID menghadirkan Listening Script Latihan 5 SPM SMK/MAK 2019 Erlangga. Semoga bermanfaat.

Part I. Pictures
Questions: 1 to 3.

Number one. Look at picture number one.
A.  The children are standing by their grandparents.
B.  The children are sitting on their grandparent’s laps.
C.  The grandmother looks very angry.
D.  The grandfather becomes very sad.

Number two. Look at picture number two.
A.  There are only a few people in the city center.
B.  A lot of people are leaving the city center.
C.  The city center was crowded this morning.
D.  The city center is full of small children.

Number three. Look at picture number three.
A.  The lamps along the jetty are turned off.
B.  Two people are sitting on the bench.
C.  A tugboat is being docked at the jetty.
D.  Some people are working along the jetty.

Part II. Questions and Responses
Questions: 4 to 7.

4. Woman  : Why don’t we go to the beach this weekend?
Man    : . . . .
A.  Sorry, I didn’t know.
B.  Because I was there.
C.  It’s a white sand beach.
D.  That’s a great idea.

5. Man    : I was wondering if you’d like to come to our house-warming.
Woman  : . . . .
A.  Thank you. You don’t need to.
B.  Thank you. When is that?
C.  I’d really love to. Sorry.
D.  Just bring yourself. Sorry.

6. Woman  : Should we fix it now or later?
Man   : . . . .
A.  It’s about eight or nine.
B.  I sent the letter already.
C.  Let’s repair it tomorrow.
D.  It’s been securely fixed.

7. Man    : Can I use these batteries in this flashlight?
Woman  : . . . .
A.  Yes, but you’ll need four of them.
B.  I’d rather use the fluorescent light.
C.  There are very few gas lights left.
D.  Lithium batteries are more expensive.

Part III. Short Conversations
Questions: 8 to 11.

The following dialog is for questions 8 and 9.
Man  : I’m sorry, Madam, but all passengers are limited to only one carry -on item.
Woman: These are extremely fragile.
Man  : Oh, in that case we’ll ask that you put both of them in the overhead compartment above your seat.

The following dialog is for questions 10 and 11.
Man  : Good morning. Can I speak to Miss Rossa Tendean?
Woman: I’m afraid she’s not here at the moment. Can I take a message?
Man  : Thanks. Could you say that Peter Baumgartner called and ask her to call me back?
Woman: Can you spell your name, please?
Man  : Baumgartner is B A U M G A R T N E R.
Woman: Thanks. I’ll pass on the message.

Part IV. Short Monologs
Questions: 12 to 15.

Questions 12 and 13 refer to the following monolog
Man:  In my first interview, I leaned back in the chair as I thought it would make me seem more relaxed. It was a terrible mistake. I must’ve looked like a lazy teenager watching TV. I interview people now and my advice would be that it’s important to sit up straight during the interview, with your hands either on your lap or on the arm of the chair. Lean slightly forward when you answer questions, and then lean back when you’ve finished speaking. This will help the flow of the interview as the interviewer will realize when you have finished.

Questions 14 and 15 refer to the following monolog.
Woman:  Good morning, Mr. Harris, this is Rita. I’m sending you a substitute driver to take you and the company president to the airport this morning. Ahmad’s  wife was rushed to the delivery room over the weekend. All is well, though, and he should be back to work by the end of the week.

This is the end of the listening section

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