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Listening Script Latihan 4 SPM SMK/MAK 2019 Erlangga

Listening Script Listening Transcript SPM Bahasa Inggris SMK MAK Erlangga Terbaru

Listening Script Latihan 4 SPM SMK/MAK 2019 Erlangga | Selamat datang di zooba.ID, kali ini mimin akan menghadirkan Listening Script Latihan 4 SPM SMK/MAK 2019 Erlangga. Buku SPM Erlangga ini banyak dipakai di sekolah-sekolah. Atas banyaknya permintaan, maka zooba.ID menghadirkan Listening Script Latihan 4 SPM SMK/MAK 2019 Erlangga. Semoga bermanfaat.

Part I. Pictures
Questions: 1 to 3.

Number one. Look at picture number one.
A.  A woman is carrying a basket on her head.
B.  They are all walking in the same direction.
C.  The women are carrying a baby on their back.
D.  The men are walking behind the women.

Number two. Look at picture number two.
A.  She is carefully planting the cactus.
B.  All the clay pots have been filled.
C.  She is watering the prickly pear cactus.
D.  All plants need to grow in clay pots.

Number three. Look at picture number three.
A.  There are a few people at the wedding party.
B.  The photographer is posing for the ceremony.
C.  The wedding reception was held outdoors.
D.  The bride and groom have their photo taken.

Part II. Questions and Responses
Questions: 4 to 7.

4. Man    : Can I help you?
Woman  : . . . .
A.  I don’t like canned food.
B.  I can’t help it.
C.  Yes, I’d appreciate that.
D.  There’s pandemic flu.

5. Woman  : Where did I leave my watch?
Man   : . . . .
A.  At the house, I think.
B.  I think it was this afternoon.
C.  After you watched TV.
D.  My watch says two fifteen.

6. Man    : Do you prefer a window or an aisle seat?
Woman  : . . . .
A.  You can sit here.
B.  Yes, I see it, too.
C.  The window is open.
D.  A window, please.

7. Woman  : Why don’t we buy new chairs for the waiting room?
Man  : . . . .
A.  Please have a seat.
B.  There’s not enough money.
C.  It’s about 34 kilograms.
D.  I’m still waiting here.

Part III. Short Conversations
Questions: 8 to 11.

The following dialog is for questions 8 and 9.
Man  : Anna, has Rudy said if he can make the meeting next Tuesday?
Woman: Not really. He said he prefers Wednesday, but he wants to check with his secretary first.
Man  : Wednesday’s fine, but please tell him he’ll need to  get back to us by Friday.

The following dialog is for questions 10 and 11.
Man  : I hope you had a pleasant trip to Rio de Janeiro. I’ve heard it’s a fascinating place and the carnival is very exciting.
Woman: That’s what we were told to expect but it turned out to be a bit disappointing.
Man  : Really? But surely the city center was full of color and lights and dancing?
Woman: Well, our hotel was on a busy street in the center of the celebration area, and there was a lot of noise all night long. We had difficulty sleeping.

Part IV. Short Monologs
Questions: 12 to 15.

Questions 12 and 13 refer to the following monolog
Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to turn the podium over to Mr. Wayan Mardika, who will tell you about the reason for this fund-raiser. You all know him as the Senior Manager of One Electronics, but you may not be aware of the role he plays in our community. Through his dedicated community efforts, more than three beaches along the east coast of Bali have been declared free of plastic trash.  Join me in giving Mr. Wayan Mardika a warm welcome.

Questions 14 and 15 refer to the following monolog.
There are two new products for our new catalogue. The first is the “Kitchen Mate”, a stainless-steel steamer and silicon tongs. The steamer can be folded and unfolded easily to fit a normal size kitchen pan. The tongs come in five colors and perform very well for frying and grilling. Housewives will  love them. The next new product is the “Mini steam  iron”. This device folds flat to fit a suitcase but can steam out the toughest clothing wrinkles. Business travelers need it! Take a moment to examine these samples and then we’ll discuss possible marketing approaches for each.

This is the end of the listening section.

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