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Tugas M1 LA4 Task 2 Part 2 - Modul Profesional Bahasa Inggris

Jawaban Tugas dan Ujian Formatif dan Sumatif Modul Profesional PPG Dalam Jabatan
JAWABAN TUGAS M1 LA4 Task 2 Part 2
Modul Profesional Bahasa Inggris

Choose only one out of three topics below to write a hortatory exposition text. Be sure to apply the things we have just discussed in this module. List of the topics to choose
  1. Roles of TV for Learning
  2. Embedding soft skills in teaching-learning process
  3. Healthy food and creative thinking
            The essence of the goal of education is to develop people to have knowledge and skills with independent and responsible personality. To support the purpose of education, people must have hard skills and soft skills. hard skills can be obtained instantly because it is knowledge, while soft skill is a non-knowledge ability. Soft skills should be embedded in the learning process for several reasons.
            Soft skills cannot be obtained instantaneously by learners, this needs to be inculcated at any time because soft skills are a habit that must be cultivated over time over their innate traits. So the need of soft skill growth of students from an early age and continue until the highest education.
             In the learning process, growing soft skill of students is very important because soft skill in the form of responsibility, self-discipline, honest, friendly, ethical, creative, hard work and confidence that will bring students to good emotional intelligence (Emotional Intelligence). With good emotional intelligence, it will be able to assist the students in searching for better and more complex knowledge.
            Soft skills are special abilities, including social interaction, technical and managerial skills. This ability is one of the things that every student must have in entering the workforce. Based on data adopted from the Havard School of Business, the skills and abilities given in the learning bench, 90 percent are technical skills and the rest are soft skills. In fact, the required thing is to face the workforce is only about 15 percent of the ability of hard skills. From these data, it can draw the common thread that in entering the workplace, soft skill has a more dominant role.
            Based on the reasons above, soft skill should be invested in the learning process as the initial foundation to create graduates or human beings in accordance with the purpose of education itself.

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