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Tugas Akhir/Final Assignment M1 Profesional Bahasa Inggris (Contoh 2)

Final Assignment M1 Profesional Bahasa Inggris
Final Assignement Tugas Akhir M1 Profesional PPG Daljab
Tugas Akhir Modul 1 Profesional Bahasa Inggris 

1.  Analyze parts of the learning activities throughout Module 1.
2.  Provide comments on each of the activities including its strength and weaknesses.
3.  Share your opinion about the contribution of this particular module to improve your professional competencies.
4.  Write your work in the space available here. 

1. Analyze parts of the learning activities throughout Module 1
Learning Activity 1
The three personal letters show some differences, yet they also share some similarities in terms of social function, text structure, and lexicon-grammatical feature.
In terms of social function, they are generally written to help people in building and maintaining personal relationship. But more than that, each sender has his/her own purposes. The first letter specifically sent to reconnect, ask and share news to an old friend who lives away. The second is sent to make a new friendship relation and the third is to respond the previous letter sent to her.
In terms of structure, each of them has greeting, body of the letter, and closing. It is just different in some detail part of each structure.
In terms of lexico-grammatical feature, all of them use simple present to tell personal news, past tenses to share past experiences. But they are different in some features. The first letter has the date written on top, using casual greeting ‘Dear Fatima’ and ‘Love’ in the closing part showing close relation. The second and the third letter has no date and the greeting is casual but not as intimate as the first letter.
Learning Activity 2
Both printed and spoken announcements have the same general purpose, it is to share information publicly about what has happened or will happen. The structure is not quite different, with the heading at the beginning and followed by some details of the information. The spoken announcement begins with greeting before coming to the point of announcement while the printed forms usually have title on top of the announcement. Besides, in spoken announcement, the introduction of the announcer is usually done at the beginning of the announcement while the printed form is usually at the end of the announcement. Spoken announcements also requires the speaker to pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation to make the information clear while the printed one is focusing on the punctuation marks and other requirements of a good writing.
Learning Activity 3
An analytical expository text should be well-planned and well-structured to be a good one. It is structured respectively from thesis to introduce the case and writer’s position, Arguments to support his position, and reiteration to strengthen the thesis. Through a good analytical exposition, the writers are able to persuade the reader that the case he is talking about is important by stating strong arguments to support his position. Arguments are well supported with clear explanations and evidences.
Learning Activity 4
Hortatory exposition text, which aims to persuade the readers about what they should do and should not be done, consists of thesis as the introduction of the idea/phenomenon that will be discussed. Then followed by an argument which contains the opinions to make the idea proposed by the writer trusted. And the last is recommendation which states the writer’s suggestion to do or not doing something regarding things have been discussed.
2. Provide comments on each of the activities including its strength and weaknesses.
Learning Activity 1
The strength         : the learning activity 1 have explained completely about the personal letter. It’s completed with the tutorial how  to make personal letter.
the weaknesses    : in this activity there is no task to make a personal letter. the learning activity one 1 task 1 made the students confuce because it asked the asignment but after checking the task there is no detail instruction.
Learning Activity 2
The strength         : The second learning activity explained about announcement completely. It is also completed with spoken announcement.
The weaknesses    : but, unfortunately,  the written explanation about the spoken announcement is not really detail. So the reader and listener confuce to difference of the structure of spoken and written announcement.
Learning Activity 3
The strength         : the learning activity shows detail information about analytical exposition. It’s explained detail and showed in the analytical exposition is.
The weaknesses    : In this learning activity, I don’t find the task about making meaning to know how deep the student understand the task. I mean there is an analitycal exposition and there are some question about the text.
Learning Activity 4
The strength         :the hortatory exposition is also explained completely. It is equiped with video the tips and technique how to make. we know more the differences of hortatory and analitycal by comparing the text.
The weaknesses    : in this activity also, there is not task about making meaning to know how deep the student understand the task
3. Share your opinion about the contribution of this particular module to improve your professional competencies.
My opinion about this particular model is the modul is very well.completed by many ways to explain the material. Tthey are personal letter, annoucement, analitycal exposition and Hortatory exposition. There are video, and some examples. It’s also consisted of many tasks to check how deep the students understand about the texts. Next, the module will be better if the text is submeted in one file for one activity. The student will be easy to send the task and the lecturer will be easy to check it.

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