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Tape Script Paket 4 - Listening Erlangga Express UN 2019 SMK

Tapescript Listening Erlangga Express UN SMK 2019

Selamat datang di zooba.ID! Kali ini zooba.ID mau share Transkrip Tapescript Listening Express UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Tapescript Listening X-Press UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Listening Erlangga 2019. Untuk tapescript listening Erlangga ini zooba.ID buat sendiri. Sebelumnya, silakan download dulu Audio MP3 Listening Erlangga X-Press Bahasa Inggris SMK klik DISINI. Yang ada di situs ini adalah tapescript audio listening erlangga ya, tidak menyertakan isi bukunya. Silakan beli yang asli di toko buku terdekat!

Transkrip Tapescript Listening Express UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Tapescript Listening X-Press UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Listening Erlangga 2019, mari kita mulai dengan Listening Simulasi UN 2019 Erlangga X-Press Bahasa Inggris:


Part I: Pictures
1. Look at picture number 1
A. The building is on the hill.
B. The castle is along the trees.
C. The yard of the palace looks empty.
D. There are a lot of trees on a montain.

2. Look at picture number 2
A. She is wearing a short sleeve blouse.
B. The woman is crying.
C. The woman has long hair.
D. She is wearing a black veil.

3. Look at picture number 3
A. They are promoting the books.
B. There are some girls reading the books.
C. All of them are talking about the books.
D. One of them is walking to the book store.

Part II: Questions-Responses
Woman : can you tell me your opinion of this hotel? We really need some feedback.
Man : A) To be honest, I haven’t made any hotel reservation.
  B) I am quite fascinated about the interior of the rooms.
  C) Well, I always stay on the hotel when I was in travelling.
  D) I agree that feedback will be helpful for our business.
Man : Good morning mom. Welcome to our resort. Can I be your assistant?
Woman : A) I really love this beautiful resort.
  B) No, I’m not here with my assistant.
  C) Good morning. I wish you a nice day.
  D) Would you help carry my luggage?
Woman : I have a special guest tonight. She said she want to taste my cooking. Do you have any ideas?
Man : A) Why don’t you take Mrs. July’s cooking class?
  B) Are you serious? I didn’t know you can cook.
  C) How about Italian food? You quite good in making it.
  D) Have you tried the Padang restaurant across my office?
Man : I heard you have met the new the manager. What do you think about him?
Woman : A) I think we need to employ new manager.
  B) Yes, I also heard that we have a new manager.
  C) He’s very professional and straight to the point.
  D) How do you know I’m committed to be a manager?

Part III: Short Conversations
Woman : Thank you for the delightful dinner. I really appreciate it.
Man : I’m glad you like it. Pasta is one of my special tastes.
Woman : No wonder you are consider as one of the best chef In our country.

Man : I heard you’re going to marry Paul next month.
Woman : Yes, we’re going to hold a wedding party at national hall. Will you come?
Man : I’d love to. I’m so happy that you finally accepted his proposal.

Woman : I need an economy class ticket to Lombok for tomorrow morning.
Man : We’re very sorry mom.  All the tickets for tomorrow morning had sold out. How about a flight at 11 a.m.? The estimated time will arrive at 12.30 p.m. in local time.
Woman : It seems there’s no another choice. Alright I’ll take it.

Woman : How was the tour? Did you enjoy it?
Man : You cannot imagine having a trip with a group of teenagers. They were very noisy and stopped a lot to take tons of photos. The worst was when our bus had flat tire. They kept questioning and complaining. I’m glad it’s over.
Woman : Yeah, consider that is the downside for being a tour guide.

Part IV: Short Monologues
Aloe vera is mainly used to help sugar irritated skin. There’s also moisturizer’s skin in its content. Here are the steps to use aloe vera on our face as a mask.
1. Cut an aloe vera leaf from the plant and clean up any dirt.
2. Remove the spines with a sharp kitchen knife. Then cut the leaf and have …
3. Extract the gel inside by using a spoon.
4. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel over your face and let it dry for an hour.
5. Clean your face with a warm water and clean cloth.

Next Tuesday, July 5th at 8 am there will be an important meeting in our branch office in Madistro town 223. It is being held because of an unusually heavy losses in time since middle of the year by the white trust account. That would not have happened if the market was stable over the period. All account of managers should prepare and submit detail report on their transactions. The accounts for the period have to be questioned and computer record will be requested.

Demikian Transkrip Tapescript Listening Express UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Tapescript Listening X-Press UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Listening Erlangga 2019, semoga bisa memberikan pencerahan dan nilai UN Bahasa Inggris semakin bagus. Sekali lagi, beli buku aslinya di toko buku terdekat.

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