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Tape Script Paket 3 - Listening Erlangga Express UN 2019 SMK

Tapescript Listening Erlangga Express UN SMK 2019

Selamat datang di zooba.ID! Kali ini zooba.ID mau share Transkrip Tapescript Listening Express UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Tapescript Listening X-Press UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Listening Erlangga 2019. Untuk tapescript listening Erlangga ini zooba.ID buat sendiri. Sebelumnya, silakan download dulu Audio MP3 Listening Erlangga X-Press Bahasa Inggris SMK klik DISINI. Yang ada di situs ini adalah tapescript audio listening erlangga ya, tidak menyertakan isi bukunya. Silakan beli yang asli di toko buku terdekat!

Transkrip Tapescript Listening Express UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Tapescript Listening X-Press UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Listening Erlangga 2019, mari kita mulai dengan Listening Simulasi UN 2019 Erlangga X-Press Bahasa Inggris:


Part I: Pictures
1. Look at picture number 1
A. The chair is behind the monitors.
B. The books are on the chair.
C. There are 3 laptops on the desk.
D. The monitors are under the bookshelf.

2. Look at picture number 2
A. They are skiing on the ice.
B. One of them is holding stick.
C. The men are playing ice hockey.
D. They are running to the finish line.

3. Look at picture number 3
A. They both have long hair.
B. One of them is looking sad.
C. The children have short dark hair.
D. One of them wears a straight t-shirt.

Part II: Questions-Responses
Woman : The Company will build a fitness center for the employees in the basement. What do you think about it?
Man : A) I find the basement of your office is very specious.
  B) I believe it will be good to keep the employees healthy.
  C) In my opinion the company should raise the employees’ salary.
  D) I think the employees shouldn’t take the elevator from the basement.
Man : I heard that you have moving from your old apartment. What can I do for you?
Woman : A) Yes, the old was not rented anymore.
  B) No I don’t think the apartment needs renovation
  C) That will be helpful. I’ve got a lot of thing to rearrange.
  D) I’m moving to another apartment in the neighborhood.
Woman : I always feel nervous about public speaking. Would you give me some advice?
Man : A) How about speaking with him?
  B) I think you should learn speak English.
  C) You’d better take a public speaking course.
  D) I’m always confident.
Man : What do you think of the house you just moved into?
Woman : A) My husband and I have spent a lot of money for it.
  B) We move to the new house about two weeks ago.
  C) According to the map, the house is still far from here.
  D) It has good ventilation so we can have fresh air all the time.

Part III: Short Conversations
Woman : Thanks God we can finish our project before the due date.
Man : Yes, It’s been very long week. I hope the manager likes it
Woman : I’m quite positive about the result

Man : I frequently have a slight headache when I wake up in the morning.
Woman : If I were you, I will go to bed early instead of browsing until late.
Man : You’re right. May be I should try that.

Man : Don’t you remember about your brother’s birthday?
Woman : Oh my ghost! I completely forgot.  I should call him to wish him happy birthday. Or maybe I should buy a present and give it him this evening.
Man : I think that will be better. You know how he really wants a new drone?

Woman : Why did you come this late? The meeting is already finished.
Man : Somebody bump into my car this morning. We have a long argument.. He just hit my car without causes. I call the police and they found him driving while he’s drunk. I think they took him to the police station.
Woman : I’m sorry to hear that. How is your car by the way?

Part IV: Short Monologues
Welcome to our school radio station room. This is the first school radio station in town. Here are the things you have to pay attention to, while visiting the radio station room. Please turn off your mobile phone while you’re inside and keep silent while station is on the air. We remind you not to take any food and drink into the broadcasting room. We provide a special space for eating and drinking which is next to the library. You can leave your shoes on the shelf provided on the left side of the door. Thank you.

There are some places where you feel time lives like Mexico City. If you’re seeking for combination of modern and classic, Mexico City is the perfect place for you. Here you can feel the favorite live of the Mexican. If you travel on your budget, you can come anytime, except during Christmas and Easter. Because that’s high season. The cuisines are preserving wonderful experience of spicy Mexican food. The museum also promise an exhibit visitors to enjoy the artworks. And if you view into historical site you really should try visiting the Footsteps of Aztec at Teotihuachen. It will be crowded with tourists but the trip is worthed. So prepare your budget less and have a splendid trip.

Demikian Transkrip Tapescript Listening Express UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Tapescript Listening X-Press UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Listening Erlangga 2019, semoga bisa memberikan pencerahan dan nilai UN Bahasa Inggris semakin bagus. Sekali lagi, beli buku aslinya di toko buku terdekat.

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