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Tape Script Paket 1 - Listening Erlangga Express UN 2019 SMK

Tapescript Listening Erlangga Express UN SMK 2019

Selamat datang di zooba.ID! Kali ini zooba.ID mau share Transkrip Tapescript Listening Express UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Tapescript Listening X-Press UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Listening Erlangga 2019. Untuk tapescript listening Erlangga ini zooba.ID buat sendiri. Sebelumnya, silakan download dulu Audio MP3 Listening Erlangga X-Press Bahasa Inggris SMK klik DISINI. Yang ada di situs ini adalah tapescript audio listening erlangga ya, tidak menyertakan isi bukunya. Silakan beli yang asli di toko buku terdekat!

Transkrip Tapescript Listening Express UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Tapescript Listening X-Press UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Listening Erlangga 2019, mari kita mulai dengan Listening Simulasi UN 2019 Erlangga X-Press Bahasa Inggris:


Part I: Pictures
1. Look at picture number 1
A. They are running in marathon.
B. They are walking in a park.
C. The woman is jogging alone.
D. They are standing on the street.

2. Look at picture number 2
A. She is wearing black gown.
B. The woman doesn’t look happy.
C. The woman has a long hair.
D. She’s wearing a scarf around her neck.

3. Look at picture number 3
A. The lounge is crowded with people
B. There are a lot of people in the yard
C. There are tables and chairs in the yard
D. The front yard of the building is empty

Part II: Questions-Responses
Woman : What do you think of my new hair cut? Thomas from Wally’s Salon did for me.
Man : A) I know Thomas. He’s genius in hair styling.
  B) It makes you looks very fresh and younger.
  C) You know what I’m waiting to have my hair cut.
  D) Don’t worry, I’ll show you the way Wally’s Salon.

Man : You look so confused with your gadget, Can I help you?
Woman : A) This gadget has a lot of new features.
  B) That’s would be very helpful, thanks.
  C) Thank you for buying me a new gadget.
  D) It’s the latest gadget of the year

Woman : I’m suffering from a strong pain on my shoulders.
Man : A) You should wear a comfortable backpack.
  B) I really think you’re a strong woman.
  C) I can see somebody over your shoulder.
  D) The pain on my shoulders become more intense.

Man : You always do your best. You deserve for promotion.
Woman : A) Well done, you’re a great employee.
  B) Thanks, I really appreciate it.
  C) Thanks for your advice. It really helps.
  D) No, thank you. I can do it myself.

Part III: Short Conversations
Woman : What a beautiful painting! You are such a talented artist. 
Man : Thanks. I spent almost a month finishing it.
Woman : Well. It’s a masterpiece. I love your perspective.

Man : Are you serious that you are going to quit your job?
Woman : I’m not sure yet. I’m thinking about getting a better one.
Man : Why don’t you take the master’s degree? I think it could help you to get a promotion.

Woman : The long holiday is coming. I can’t wait to go sunbathing on the beach!
Man : It sounds like a great plan. Unfortunately I have shorter holidays and I have to finish a project. I think I’ll spend a few days in  the cottage the countryside.
Woman : That’s nice. You can relax with your family.

Woman : I need a massage. Do you have any contact for a good therapist?
Man : What’s wrong? It looks like you’re suffering
Woman : I’m in a large pain on my neck and shoulders should be precise.  I think it because of my last trip to Bromo last week. I had to walk very far, carrying heavy backpack.

Part IV: Short Monologues
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Dear visitors,
We would like to inform you that on Saturday June 10th 2018, Museum Fatahillah will be closed to the public due to the opening ceremony “The Contemporary Art Exhibition Through the Time” by Ratna Dwiwarna. The museum will resume operating as usual on Monday, June 12th 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Demikian Transkrip Tapescript Listening Express UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Tapescript Listening X-Press UN SMK Erlangga 2019 | Listening Erlangga 2019, semoga bisa memberikan pencerahan dan nilai UN Bahasa Inggris semakin bagus. Sekali lagi, beli buku aslinya di toko buku terdekat.

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